About me


Living and working in the "Collagegarten" studio in the city

As a child, in my imagination I lived in an old greenhouse and offered self-picked meadow bouquets in front of the garden gate. As soon as I feel comfortable in an environment, I start designing my nest. I am my work, there is no separation. That is why my living and studio situation is constantly growing together. My walls are designed in a kind of "work in progress". I love to arrange different types of still lifes and to combine different objects and found pieces.

As a searcher for things, I collect old photos, frames, writings, botanical books, faded papers, boxes, fragments from nature. Very much things with patina and history. Many a find ends up in an object box, surrounded by a drawing on old paper. Dried flowers and bouquets of plants are distributed everywhere in arranged groups, leaves and flowers are pressed, seeds, bark, and shells are collected in jars and kept in old boxes – until the next picture idea. I calligraph, organize, draw, blot, snip and try in the glow of an old, glued lampshade. I search through many curious old books and advertisements for beautiful words and then sometimes put them together as word snippets. This creates collages from depictions of plants and object boxes that appear botanical. Here bizarre, curious creatures from old frames look over my shoulder and smile dreamily in the little "Collagegarten".

I am interested in the poetry and the beauty of the imperfect. When it comes to the perception of beauty, I am concerned with the Japanese aesthetic principle of Wabi-Sabi. Gallery visits, art bookstores, natural history museums, walks in the woods, the Ikebana flower placement are, among others, my sources of inspiration.

About me

I was born in Potsdam in 1967 and have lived and worked in Berlin since 1995. After my training as a type and graphic painter, I worked as a type painter in Potsdam in an advertising agency. I then studied business communication in Berlin and also attended courses in photography, typography and nature studies. Since spring 2004 I have been working in my own "Collagegarten" studio. Individual commissioned works and new ideas are created there.

Since 2017 collages and objects in the art shop of the Olbricht Collection Berlin
Annual participation in the art campaign "20 mal 20" in the studio in the Mattausch-Haus Teltow
Voluntary work at the Kunsthaus Hannah Höch e.V. Berlin
2019 exhibition participation in the "Verwalterhaus" of the Kulturkapellen e.V. Berlin

If you want to find out more about my artistic activities and see the art at the place of origin, please contact me via my email address: